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Red Gerbera


 Aligned holistic health is about partnering together to help you make the big and small changes that allow you to discover a sense of alignment in your life.

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My Story

I have been a Wellness Specialist since 2013, though my interest in natural health and healing started long before. When the pandemic forced the closure of my baking business that I had been building since 2006, I decided to shift focus more fully to my passion for supporting women’s health and wellness through all stages of life.

I decided to pursue formal training in Women’s Functional and Integrative Medicine with Aviva Romm through the New Medicine for Women Institute. Further training with the Duke Integrative Medicine Health and Well-Being coaching program has given me the tools I value so highly that allow me to listen fully and deeply and help clients connect the dots on their health journey.


Kelley Turlington

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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